Tales of Fightoria

Tales of Fightoria from Waƫl Seaiby on Vimeo.

a.k.a. the rotoscoping project. Group work with the fantabulous Paola Kiwi, Mirella Zeidan and Dany Sfeir. It was fun to say the least.

See? I don't lie

A fast/rough storyboard of what to expect in the final movie.

update: this whole idea got axed. 

thou shalt make use of already wasted time

Just a doodle in class.
Fakery-related stuff to be uploaded very soon.
Also, the rotoscoping video. whoopie.
That's what's going on.

In Other News

What started out as a simple re-branding project of a potato chips brand named Crave ended up as a possible teaser poster for a movie named Crave? I made the logo with ink, on watercolor paper because I wanted it to look basic and raw, just like satisfying a crave is a sort of a basic instinct. I was told that it was "too scary, as if it belonged in a horror movie" and that "the e looks like it's going to eat me". Erm, yeah.